• If it is mixed with transparent color pigments, the film has obvious flip-flop effect. The decorative effects are Metallised Aluminum Pet Film very beautiful and gorgeous. They are mainly used in automotive coatings, weak plastic coating, metal, industrial coatings, marine coatings, heat-resistant coatings, roof coatings and so on.

    In the past two or three years, the Chinese aluminum silver products also begun to fine spherical aluminum powder as raw material manganese powder, the direction of the development of technically already achieved a major breakthrough, but the performance of their products, coating effects can not achieve similar foreign products’ level.

    Aluminum silver safe storage of Notes: Store in sealed cans in the room, the storage temperature of 15 ~ 40 . Avoid direct exposure to sun, rain or high temperature being. Ensure that the storage temperature of not less than 15 ° C (in winter or the ambient temperature is equal to or less than 10 ° C should pay special attention to). Excessive bumps vibration in transit, stored under certain conditions may lead to partial separation of aluminum and solvent composition. Therefore, in the course should not have high-speed stirring, so as not to damage the shape of the silver film.

    In order to achieve the satisfaction of special effects, aluminum silver in the coating system to a fully distributed, the paint evenly, does not appear fine aluminum flake easily bent and broken, in the paint production process, should the high speed stirring or other continuous severe processing, the geometric structure can easily be damaged, resulting in coarse-grained, dark color, coverage is reduced, and the metal wavering negative phenomena such as high shear dispersion means should not be used.

    Aluminum silver dilution for the formulation of paints. Non-leafing aluminum silver can be widely used in polar and non polar solvents such as aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons, lipids (such as acetic acid small resin), ketones (such as methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone), alcohols (e.g. ethanol).

    Many popular paint-based materials such as oil-based varnish base material, acrylic resin, alkyd, itching, esters and water-based binder can be used in non-leafing aluminum silver paint. Overall coating binder or solvent compatible, and will not cause chemical destruction are the aluminum silver andMetallised Aluminum Pet Film  aluminum silver solvent carrier. Particular, note that aluminum is an active metal, paints acid value should be controlled below 7.

    When an aluminum-containing silver powder coating systems need to be added to the metal driers, non-leafing aluminum silver, not on the surface of aluminum flake fatty acid driers may use, suggested the use of diamond, zirconium, manganese driers.

    Coating surface was parallel to the orientation, to achieve the best results. Parallel orientation difference will lead to cloudy or diffuse reflection. Orientation of the flake pigment formulation and nickel powder construction conditions. Solvent evaporation caused by the contraction of the wet coating will eventually aluminum pigment pressed into the horizontal directional location. The higher the solvent content of coatings, the stronger this effect. This explains the orientation phenomenon of the flake pigment. Therefore, the optical properties of low solids coatings than high-solids coatings better.

    Solvent evaporation will result in strong eddy currents within the wet film. But if solvent evaporation is too slow, and will form a so-called naerde with whirlpool and hinder the parallel orientation of the aluminum pigment (produce turbidity).

    The resin can be used to promote solvent evaporation (e.g., ester the cellulose CAB).Some additives are also used for fixing flake pigments. It is reported that the wax dispersion has a role of physical interval. The surfactant also has a similar function, but its functions should be test preceded.Source:

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